Essential' Shield

Essentials for the summer months : insects

In summer, horses are often harassed all day by flies and other insects. In addition to the resulting bites and itching, some horses get very nervous and may injure themselves. Others lose their appetite and for others still the itching can be so bad that it develops into sweet itch.

ESSENTIAL' SHIELD is an all natural spray specially formulated to protect the horse from summer nuisances, relieve itching and soothe skin irritations related to bites or sunburn.

It contains pure essential oils of eucalyptus lemon, Atlas cedar, litsea citrata, tea tree, mint, lavandin, cinnamon, rosemary, geranium and citronella.

This spray can be applied on a wound and also supports the natural skin regeneration process. As essential oils penetrate the skin, it remains effective even if the horse is sweating.

If your horse is scratching, you can relieve itching with our shampoo for sensitive or irritated skin ESSENTIAL' SENSITIVE. If the itching has resulted in hair loss or minor skin damage, you can also use our soothing and regenerating gel for the skin, ESSENTIAL' DERM.

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