Essential' SensitiveEssentials for the summer months : itchiness

During summer months, horses very often experience intense itching of the mane and tail. This problem is generally due to insect bites (midges, mosquitoes, etc.) or the presence of small parasites. The horse starts to scratch itself badly and severely damages its mane and tail.

To alleviate this problem and soothe skin irritations and itching, we recommend our shampoo ESSENTIAL’ SENSITIVE.

Based on 100% pure and natural essential oils, this shampoo will protect your horse from mites and other parasites, soothe skin irritations and itching, and fight fungus, bacteria and other germs.

Suggestions for use:
- for regular maintenance, apply the shampoo pure or slightly diluted with water, lather thoroughly and leave for a few minutes before rinsing.
- in case of severe itching, apply a small amount of pure shampoo on the relevant areas and only rinse off the following day. For horses at grasse, you can even apply the shampoo pure and not rinse it off at all.
- avoid contact with eyes.

If the itching has resulted in hair loss or minor skin damage, you can also use our soothing and regenerating gel for the skin, ESSENTIAL' DERM. Also remember to protect your horse from insects and parasites with our spray against summer nuisances, ESSENTIAL’ SHIELD.

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