Horsessentials, nature's best for the well-being of your horse

Horsessentials is an exclusive line of natural horse care products, developed specifically for horses by a specialist in aromatherapy.

Our products are highly concentrated in high-quality, all natural active principles, such as essential oils, vegetable oils, plant tinctures, clay, aloe vera, etc.

Our range currently includes a fortifying and conditioning shampoo, a shampoo for sensitive, itchy or irritated skin, an insect-repellent spray, a detangling and grooming spray, a soothing and regenerating gel for the skin, an antibacterial hoof spray, a massage gel for airways, massage gels for muscles, tendons and joints and much more.

Our goal is to offer you top-quality, safe and effective natural horse care products.

Our website provides detailed information about our products and advice to help you choose the most appropriate product for your horse. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get personalised advice, ask a question or make a suggestion.