About us

Our story

Horsessentials was founded in 2005 by a French horse owner and rider, passionate about aromatherapy and convinced of the extraordinary power of essential oils to maintain health, improve well-being  and stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Right from the start of this adventure, her goal has been to offer you top-quality, effective and natural horse care products.

Our philosophy

Essential oils are extremely effective to maintain health and improve well-being. Using essential oils nevertheless requires in-depth knowledge, given their high concentration in active principles.

Our objective is to offer you safe, ready-to-use and environmentally-friendly products.

Our quality commitment

Our products have been formulated specifically for horses by a world-renowned aromatherapy specialist. They are manufactured in France by a cosmetic laboratory and in Belgium by a pharmaceutical laboratory. Both laboratories follow human-grade manufacturing standards.

To achieve the highest quality and optimal effectiveness, our products :

  • only contain 100% natural active principles (essential oils, vegetable oils, plant tinctures, clay, aloe vera, etc.);
  • are highly concentrated in active principles;
  • only contain chemotyped essential oils (i.e., biochemically defined essential oils);
  • have a pH balanced for the horse's skin;
  • use natural preservatives or, if this is not possible for a given product, mild preservatives accepted by most natural cosmetic certification labels (such as Cosmebio, Ecocert or BDIH);
  • use excipients (gel base, emulsifiers, etc.) from vegetable origin, wherever possible.

Our products contain :

  • no artificial colourings;
  • no synthetic fragrance (our product fragrances only result from the 100% natural active ingredients present in our formulations);
  • no parabens.

We do not carry out animal testing.

Our manufacturing processes are friendly to the environment.

Our packaging is fully recyclable.